Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Losing weight - 100 calories less per day on 30 WAYS

Want to lose weight? Time for a little math.

     Most people with a ITM of 25 or more should only lose 10 kilograms or less to return to the normal range. If the kilogram is worth 7000 calories, 10 kilograms is equal to the amount of the huge 70 000 calories. But if you divide on a year it is only 191 calories a day. In other words, if you remove from your diet less than 200 calories per day, or burn with physical activity, you will lose 10 kilograms in 365 days. No need for a tedious weight loss strategies such as counting calories.
     It is enough to choose two of the following, incredibly simple and rapid change. Each of them will burn or save around hundred calories.

Simply select the ones you do best or use it as inspiration for your own ideas.

1. Are you long for bacon? Two thick slices of pork bacon (700 calories), replace with two thin pieces of turkey bacon (135 calories).

2. Instead of cooking with butter (250 calories), poach two large eggs (150 calories).

3. In coffee instead of four teaspoons light cream (232 calories), pour four tablespoons of whole milk (60 calories).

4. Instead of a 100-grams corn muffin (280 calories), eat 50-gram milk waffle topped with a teaspoon of maple syrup and a teaspoon of canned whipped cream (185 calories).

5. Eat 100 grams of ham (133 calories), not a hamburger (274 calories). 

6. Instead Cola bottles (150 calories), drink a bottle of water (0 calories).

7. In 250 grams of coleslaw mix a pound of sliced ​​carrots. Eat 250 g of the mixture (100 calories), instead of 250 grams of cabbage salad (200 calories).

8. Miss a glass of sherbet orange (270 calories), and enjoy the two large, chilled oranges (130 calories).

9. Eat a tenth of blueberry pie (300 calories) instead of walnuts (400 calories).

10. Fry in a frying pan on a tablespoon of oil (120 calories), instead of a conventional pan with two tablespoons of oil (240 calories).

11. Remove visible fat (100 calories) from 110-grams steak.

12. You are very hungry? Instead of 170-grams beef steak (406 calories), bake on a barbecue or grilled 170-gram fillet of salmon (310 calories).

13. Order a regular portion of fries (210 calories), not big (540 calories). Better yet, eat a baked sweet potato (136 calories).

14. Instead of half a kilo of rice pudding (400 calories), 125 grams rice mix with half a kilo of chopped vegetables (less than 200 calories). 

15. Proteins in the salad, add in the form of a sliced ​​hard-boiled egg (78 calories), not with 50 grams of grated cheese (200 calories).

16. Instead of couple of sausage (209 calories), eat a small portion of beef stew (110 calories).

17. Pour the 110-gram portion of spaghetti with half a cup of tomato sauce (125 calories), and not with meat sauce (242 calories).

18. Sweeten with a portion of strawberries (110 calories) with two tablespoons of whipped cream from a can (14 calories), instead of the ice cream cup of strawberries (267 calories).

19. Drink two glasses of red wine (160 calories), not extra dry martini (254 calories).

20. Instead of the 50-gram pack of peanuts covered with chocolate (240 calories), eat a large banana (114 calories).

21. Four caramels (120 calories), replace with one Lollipop (22 calories).

22. Instead of 10 vanilla wafers (380 calories), eat five of them (190 calories).

Variety of activities

23. Treat yourself to a 20-minute walk through the shops (112 calories).

24. Hit 156 tennis balls (100 calories with 6 swing in minutes).

25. Danced a seven lightweight songs for approximately 26 minutes (100 calories).

26. Spend 5 minutes on stair climbing (101 calories).

27. Exercise just 10 minutes of light aerobic exercise (104 calories). 

28. Convince yourself to run the 1.5 kilometers in nine minutes (109 calories).

29. 15 minutes play tag with your kids (116 calories).

30. Fast walk 13 minutes (100 calories). 


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